Let’s Talk Pink: My Favorite Rosé

As summer arrives, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share with you the list of some of my favorite rosé wine. While I am no wine expert, I have a serious love and appreciation for this pink drink. I have tried many variations over the years, with many more to try. I recently joined a local rosé wine club for the summer to introduce myself to some new wines I would have not otherwise tried. Always looking for my next favorite bottle (I have many).

I have decided to condense down the list to those favorite brands I have drank or purchased most often, some more than others. You will find that all of the wines I have selected are budget friendly while maintaining strong quality. I also have an affinity for dry rosé so none of these recommendations will fall on the sweeter side. Sorry, to my sweet wine enthusiasts. So, here they are in no particular order.

Please note: I live in Madison, Wisconsin so when I indicate where I have found these wine’s, it is around the Madison area. Most are popular brands that you can find in your city or online.

Natura Rosé

“Au Naturel”

This is my go-to rosé of choice, the one I buy most often. In fact, I drink most of Natura’s selection of wines. Their unoaked chardonnay is divine. And, it’s organic!

  • Made in Chile
  • Price Point: $8.99
  • I have found at most grocery and liquor stores

Pool Boy Rosé

“The Beach Buddy”

Looking for the perfect wine for a day at the beach or pool? This is it! Pool Boy wines are high quality with fabulous flavor, and they come in plastic bottles. This makes them perfect to enjoy by the water. Their Gamay is also fabulous and best served chilled.

  • Made in France
  • Price Point: $12.99
  • I have found at Whole Foods

La Vieille Ferme Rosé

“Simple and Classic”

This rosé is fresh, easy, and cheap with expensive quality. I highly recommend this as the wine you have on hand for dinner parties, ladies wine nights, etc. because it will be a crowd favorite. Bonus, it comes in a box as well.

  • Made in France
  • Price Point: $8.99 or less (depending on the store)
  • I have found at most grocery and liquor stores

Angels & Cowboys Sonoma County Rosé

“California Dreaming”

Made in the U.S.A., specifically Sonoma, this rosé is light in color with a light floral spice. I also, love the simplicity of the label design (says the graphic designer).

  • Made in California
  • Price Point: $15.99 (750 ml); $9.99 (375 ml)
  • I have found at Whole Foods

Forty Ounce Rosé

“The Cult Favorite”

Colt 45 and two….oh wait. Not only, does this wine come in a fun 40-ounce bottle, it tastes fancy. This rosé is great for sharing with friends, due to the 3 extra glasses of wine the bottle holds. Please note, that it is made in limited quantities, not always making it the easiest to acquire.

  • Made in France
  • Price Point: $15 to $20
  • I have found at Whole Foods (only in the summer months)

Les Portes De Bordeaux Rosé

“I went to Trader Joe’s…”

Honestly, if you are looking for great wine on a budget, Trader Joe’s is where it’s at. TJ’s has never done me wrong when it comes to high-quality, cheap wine. This light and fruity Bordeaux Rosé is my favorite of their rose selection. Please note that some of the wines sold in store are only sold at Trader Joe’s.

  • Made in France
  • Price Point: $5
  • Trader Joe’s

Protocolo Rosé

“Wait, this isn’t expensive?”

This is the wine that you serve when you want to be fancy, but spend very little. The Dominio De Eguren Protocolo brand can do no wrong. I enjoy them all, especially their red. I have had a harder time finding the rosé in stock.

  • Made in Spain
  • Price Point: $4.99 to $6.99
  • Woodman’s Market and Metcalfe’s Market

Pampelonne Rosé Lime

“The Rosé Cocktail”

While this is not a bottle of wine, it deserves a place on the list as one of the top rosé wine cocktails. While most sparkling wine cocktails are super sweet, this mixture remains dry and crisp. If you can track them down, all the Pampelonne Cocktails are magical and perfect on a hot day.

  • Made in France
  • Price Point: $11.99 (4-pack)
  • In Wisconsin, I have found at a specialty Italian grocery store. More widely available in other states.

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