Blake’s Breakfast Sandwich

I am definitely a savory-over-sweet breakfast person. A breakfast sandwich is also a rare treat because it can often lead to needing a midday nap. However, when I have the ingredients on hand and am in the mood, it’s sandwich time. This is more of a suggestion than a recipe because you can really use any ingredients you like to build your breakfast sandwich. From vegetables to meats and breads to cheese, the options are endless. There are various ways to even cook your egg! Simply, there is no right or wrong. So here is the suggested recipe for how I make a breakfast sandwich.

Serves 1

Toasted onion bagel
Slice of cheddar cheese
1 fried egg
Smoked deli turkey or ham
Butter (for frying egg and spreading on bagel)
Salt & Pepper

Melt a little butter into one side of a medium to larger size frying pan. Crack in your egg and then take your spatula and break up the yoke. Let the egg fry until the side touching the pan is firm, then flip. Sprinkle it with salt and pepper.

On the other side of the frying pan drop in a couple slices of smoked deli meat and a few squirts of sriracha. Mix the meat around allowing it to heat and even slightly brown (do this simultaneously as your egg cooks).

Toast and butter your bagel.

Once the egg is cooked, place the deli meat and slice of cheese on top of the egg. Turn down the heat, cover your pan and let the cheese melt.

Place your egg, cheese and meat mixture on your toasted bagel, pour some coffee and enjoy!

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